Traveller stove Komplett

  • €1,29900

The Traveller stove keeps the tent comfortable even on chilly mornings and helps inhibit the growth of troublesome mold spores by helping the canvas stay dry. It can also be used for cooking, and requires surprisingly little fuel to keep even our most spacious tents cozy. It even has a glass window so that you can enjoy the view! Its sturdy construction and compatibility with Lotus Belle tents make it an excellent investment for the long term.

This kit includes the Traveller stove, and everything you need to fit it to your Lotus Belle tent: 4 x 500mm Flue Pipe sections, 45 degree rubber flashing, spark arrestor, and base plate. 



1. It is in the top 5% of fuel efficient stoves.

2. It is made from rolled steel instead of cast iron, so:

  • It will not crack due to excessive heat or impact.
  • It is lighter than other stoves of a similar size.
  • It does not require heat blocks (which would need to be replaced from time to time, and are likely to crack when transported)

3. It looks great.

4. It will not rust or require re-painting.

5. Its made by hand in the UK.

It can make an excellent addition to any semi-permanent glamping set-up.

If you need something for a more permanent set up, ask us about the FinTan model, available on order. 

 Available in black.