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Can you smell the freedom? Masks off - it's done! And even though this recommendation should be taken with a pinch of salt after more than two years of wading our way through the pandemic, each of us may feel the urge for new adventures. After all, we finally can get out again, discover the world and enjoy a "normal holiday". However, it doesn't have to be a world trip, as there are many alternatives that are safe and offer more relaxation. One travel trend that should be on your bucket list and hits all the sweet spots is called "glamping".


Glamping is a combination of the words "glamour" and "camping". In short, "glamorous camping" in which nature merges with luxury and comfort to create an experience that puts any all-inclusive holiday to shame. A very different kind of camping: practical in concept, more comfortable in action.

When camping, many people try to reduce the load as much as possible, but tend to forget about the need for a comfortable sleeping space – and often with disastrous outcomes. And let's face it, bringing a plastic camping monster into pristine nature is neither sustainable nor beautiful.

Our Lotus Belle glamping tents will take you to a whole new level. They are much more spacious than conventional tents and allow you to stand upright inside. And depending on the model, the "5-star hotel to go" is suitable for almost any type of holiday.

Nevertheless, everything depends on creating the right environment. But thanks to the large array of possibilities, there are no limits to your creativity. For longer term set ups, you can confidently swap the old sleeping mat for a spacious double bed. For those who want even more comfort, add a wood-burning stove inside the tent, set up a hot tub in front of the tent and use mobile solar panels to recharge electrical gadgets.

Yet, the trend is actually more wide-ranging than you might imagine. Whether it's a bell tent, yurt, tipi, cottage, dome, tree house or a camper van - when luxury meets nature, camping becomes glamping. (We are of course happy to tell you that Lotus Belle tents are one of the market leaders in unique glamping accommodation).


More comfort & luxury:

Crammed into a cold tent on slippery air mattress sounds like a no-go for most of us. Glamping, on the other hand, means a cosy atmosphere, with a bed, rugs, comfy cushions and blankets, a stove and plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy. Professional glamping sites usually have an integrated mini-kitchen, bathroom, Wi-Fi, stove and, in the best case, a hot tub.

5-star hotel to go:

With your own Lotus Belle you always have your very own private wellness resort ready for adventures. Imagine waking up in a gorgeous white tent on the beach or watching the sunset with wine and snacks on a mountain top! Doesn't that sound much better than lolling near the pool of an overcrowded hotel.

Sustainable & eco-friendly:

Under the motto "Tents for Life, not for Landfill", we have been developing the world's most popular luxury tents for the glamping scene for over ten years. With Lotus Belle, we offer you a sustainable solution to become one with nature, without having to sacrifice comfort. All tents are made of high-quality canvas, which is not only waterproof but also far more durable than any plastic tent. Accessories like solar panels, wooden stoves and green power generators minimise energy costs and help everyone to sleep better.


Speaking of glamping equipment... planning is half the battle. Besides the right tent model, you also need the right accessories. But before we dive deeper into the subject, ask yourself these questions to find out if glamping is really for you:

  • Do you love nature and outdoor adventures?
  • Have you been camping more than once in your life?
  • Can you sit for more than a minute without checking your phone?
  • Do you like the idea of "sustainable travel" and want to do your part to reduce your environmental footprint?

If you answered yes then you've successfully mastered the first level! We invite you to join the world of Lotus Belle glamping. Get ready for holidays that will make your friends green with envy. Do you want to start straight away, or are you looking for a gentle launch? Then here comes the agony of choice!


Whether just around the corner near your hometown or in the most remote places, you'll find breathtaking glamping spots all over the world. Where to find such places? Take a look at,,, or, using the keywords "tenda di lusso" or"special stays". Glamping sites and campsites are a perfect option for absolute beginners, providing sanitary facilities, bedding and other everyday necessities. In theory, everything is taken care of while you can relax in the open air. If you want to start planning your summer holiday already, then read this article next: Top 8 Lotus Belle Glamping Sites in Europe or just follow us on Instagram , where we regularly introduce new Lotus Belle partners across Europe!


Our range of tents is large, just like the variety of useful accessories. Essentially, your glamping tent must meet the following requirements:

· Your tent must be transportable, handy and spacious.

· It should not take more than an hour to set it up and take it down.

· The fabric must be very robust, tear-resistant, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant. (Our recommendation: canvas or cotton).

· Basics such as insect mesh on the doors and windows go without saying.

Lotus Belle tents meet all the requirements and have been tested in various climates and weather conditions around the world, so thanks to the round shape and high-quality materials they are suitable for any climate and can withstand even strong wind and rain. Each tent is handmade from 360gsm impregnated canvas with UV protection - but the different models have some interesting features for you:

If you want to pitch your tent in really hot regions like Greece, we recommend the Lotus Belle Outback as it has larger air vents on the rooftop. The Lotus Belle Hybrid models combine the best of both worlds, so they're suitable for warm and low temperatures (and are our secret bestsellers). Why?

Because the Lotus Belle Hybrid has PVC windows including insect mesh and external blinds, which means you can let light in on wet days or watch the raindrops roll away.

Both the Outback and Hybrid are also available as Deluxe models, which means that not just one, but two doors are integrated, including an insect mesh layer. This not only improves the air flow in summer, but also allows you to connect several Lotus Belle tents together. We call this the Lotus Belle village or pop-up hotel.

Another highlight in our shop is the Lotus Belle Stargazer with a transparent roof – fulfill your childhood dreams of sleeping under the stars in the comfort of your own bed.

All three standard and deluxe models are available in sizes 4, 5 and 6 meters!

More suitable for short trips and festivals are our inflatable small buddies - Lotus Air Bud (3 m) and Lotus Air Belle (4.6 m). Both tents can be inflated within a few minutes with a hand pump.

Not enough details for you? Needless to say, you can find more information on the respective product pages or simply email us, so we can help you decide!


In the end, you decide what luxury and comfort mean to you: Shall it be silver, bamboo or plastic camping cutlery? No, no, let's not get lost in details, but return to the basic equipment. Because we have already thought of everything for your getaway retreat:


You can never rely on the weather forecast, that is why an inner lining will always be one of the bonuses of any Lotus Belle glamping tent. Through the second layer, an air cushion is created that serves as insulation and gives you more coolness or warmth. In our shop you'll find a light, silky Cocoon lining for spring and autumn, as well as an Insulated lining for the icy season. They are very easy to install and definitely provide more comfort and cosiness, whatever the season.


All tents are equipped with a waterproof, Velcro-sealed and very robust PVC floor (540 gsm). Although this provides a good base cover to your tent floor, it does not protect you from cold feet. For this reason, we recommend a coir rug made of thick coconut fibre as additional insulation. This keeps the floor nice and warm and adds a first chic decorative element to your Lotus Belle tent.


Every beautiful location on earth is also visited by birds. To protect the tents from being fouled by these air pilots, we recommend you use a roof cover. Should the summer be hit by thunderstorms, it will also prevent damage from falling branches or heavy rain. Since the roof covers are available in six different colours and patterns, you can also use them to set subtle and cool color accents.


A large double bed or a sofa provide already a lot of luxuries, but please keep the storage space in mind! The less chaos in the tent, the better! And before you play Tetris with your furniture, it needs a good look ahead. For instance, a chest could also serve as a table. And where to put the clothes? Do not forget your batteries! A power connection and sockets for electronic devices such as cooling boxes, lamps and a kettle expand your comfort zone. We could write whole novels about the right décor, furnishings and interior. Luckily, we have already done that in this article. Take a look!


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